Building a Chicken House on Budget

Are looking for ways to build a poultry house on budget? You can easily achieve this if you follow some simple rules when building a chicken house. Unfortunately many chicken farmers spend a lot of money due to lack of information and non availability of quality plans. Careful planning and exception is the key to build projects within budget and time limits.

Here are some simple tips to follow when building a chicken house: บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Survey – Do a proper survey of the land where you want to build the poultry house. In most of the cases you may have to do some kind of landscaping before starting the project. A chicken coop cannot be built on land that is not firm and flat. You may have to level the floor properly and use cement to have a solid and firm floor.

This will ensure the stability of the house you build for the birds. In the long run you will not have to spend money in repair and maintenance of the floor.

If you want to save money you will have to build the floor yourself. Hiring external contractors will escalate the cost considerably.

Lighting and Ventilation – The second important aspect that requires special attention is the placement and size of windows in the poultry house. Proper sunlight and ventilation will help in keeping the birds healthy and happy. This will also help you save on electricity bills on account of reduced lighting requirements.

Sizing – The third factor to keep in mind while building a chicken house is sizing. Unless you plan to sell the eggs in the market you will not require a very big house. A chicken coop with 3-4 birds should be enough to provide eggs on a daily basis. However you will have to keep the birds healthy to get regular nutritious eggs.


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